Y’s Options

Y’s options is a programme available to the Emergency and Transitional Accommodation residents, Involves mentoring, up skilling, sharing skills, Tutor and peer teaching.

With lots of new friendships and supports, those of whom maybe experiencing stressful and difficult times have found this to be an encouraging and comforting experience from which to go forward- to continue the creation of Community in the wider area.

A breakfast and school lunch Club for the Children overseen by the Mothers is a huge success. Once the Children are off to school and Pre School, the day follows with sessions for the women who can opt into the workshops and courses offered e.g.: Budgeting, menu planning, food preparation, sewing, mending and craft projects. Walking group etc. the list goes on with some participants making recommendations and requests for suggested speakers and additional programme material to tailor the programmes to suit their personal requirements.

After school the Children’s home work group meets for afternoon tea a catch up of the day and a chance to do their homework. A Tutor is on site to supervise and she encourages Mum’s to take part in the supervision, games, craft projects and computer time on offer.

Whilst this programme has been running only a short time we have noticed an improvement in children’s behavior and general camaraderie. The Mum’s have a reason to meet and socialize together, this encourages confidence for their and their Children’s future and of course their own skills at integration in the wider community when they move on.

Many thanks to all our funders, without their support we could not provide the important services we do.

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